Here’s proof of lack of spine of army officers including veterans. I know of many who read your substack and have strong views on same matters. They enthusiastically forward your substack to others but never put their comments on substack. Very diplomatic. Some would say, scared!

The only topics they love to express freely on are OROP, ECHS and Canteen facilities.

Civilians express themselves better and more on matters relating to army and national security.

There is nothing to be scared off. However, they just stay with the service experience of never expressing themselves.,

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This army is past its ‘can still be saved’ date. No spine, no professionalism, no integrity in the senior officer class. But this had to be. They’re Indians, aren’t they? Just took longer than others- possibly due to closer influence of Brits, in early years of army.

Guys like Deepinder Hooda only confirm the ‘Exceptions prove the rule’ rule. Great guy.

Forget it. Its done.

Read more of the malaise in the book - The red pill on India and Indian Army 2023 - on Amazon .

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